About Me

Hello, my name is Ethan and this is my official blog on the internet. I am 100% focused on Money and Freedom.

I am always reading and taking courses on personal development and making money because the key’s to success are all around us.  We just have to take the time and look.  

I used to work crap 9-5 jobs until I realized this wasn’t getting anywhere and decided to pack my bags and move to the oil patch.

I have lived in SK for a long time but the next step of my journey is moving to China!

Picture of the Great Wall of China – I am Finally MOVING!

Why China?

Alot of people ask me why I am moving to China and there are many reasons.

  1. It’s Awesome
  2. Super Modern Tier 1 Cities are like stepping into the future. Their infrastructure is very modern.
  3. Pandas. Everyone likes Pandas.
  4. Amazing Food – China is a big country and there are many amazing dishes to try.
  5. Birth of Kung Fu – I really like martial arts and will study some when I get there.

Look for updates on my blog as I continue my journey.

Thanks for reading!

/Ethan Caine