2012 is finally hear!  Alot of people are predicting the world will end with mass flooding, earth quakes and even a mystery Planet X colliding with the earth!  My 2012 disaster has already happened with a server crash.

Yes all of the content from 2007 – Present from EthanCaine.com is GONE!  Of course I didn’t back anything up because I am a retard.

However, I choose to look at this as a positive.  It means I can start over with a more focused approached to EthanCaine.com

I have a number of projects I will be exploring this year and I will be documenting them on here:

Replacing My 9-5 Work Income with Internet Income
Transitioning to A Vegan Lifestyle
The Handwriting Project
Accelerated Learning – This One Is Going To Be Huge

….and many more.