So what is an expert?  What makes someone say, “that guy is an expert.”  According to Brendon Burchard an expert on making people experts it takes 4 things to make you an expert.

Watch CNN or any news channel when they interview a so called “expert” regarding a situation.  They will cover 4 things that cement their status as an expert in the eyes of the viewer.

The following is a random news clip I grabbed off of youtube about the Japanese nuclear plant explosion that happened awhile back.

1.  They Tell You What To Pay Attention To:
Some of the metal cans have burst and that is letting some of the radioactive material out. Broken glass on the building exterior was caused by an explosion, possibly a chemical explosion

2.  They Tell You What This Means
If its caused by a problem with the core we will see high levels of contamination during the tests.

3.  They Tell You How This Works:
Testing contamination levels and the different kinds of contamination.

4.  How It May or Will Turn Out In The End
Further complicating factor or major contamination

Even though this had just happened and the expert didn’t have much information he was still able to sound like an expert by going through a number of “what if” scenarios.

Now lets bring that over to your business and apply it to prospecting and recruiting because people want to follow people that are experts.  Lets apply it to the Numis Network gold/silver opportunity.

1. Tell Your Prospect What To Pay Attention To:

The key thing you should pay attention to with this opportunity is that we are marketing a product that everybody wants and needs which is MONEY.

2.  Tell Your Prospect What This Means:

What this means is that our product is not paper money but rather gold and silver.  Specifically Numismatic Silver & Gold Coins.

3.  Tell Your Prospect How This Works:

Simply put our coins are museum grade quality coins released by the US govornment that historically and consistently outperformed the growth in value of precious metal Bullion coins.

4.  Tell Your Prospect How It Will Turn Out In The End:

A 1997 Silver American Eagle that is graded perfect at MS70 has a retail value of $500, a bullion coin of the same year would be worth a fraction of that amount ($20 or so).

You don’t have to go in order, just make sure you are integrating the four key elements that make up an expert.

If you have any questions or comments leave them bellow or fire me an email if I can help in anyway.

/Ethan Caine

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