As regular readers of this blog will know I have a keen interest in minimalism.  This last month has seen HUGE swaths of my possessions sold / donated / or just thrown in the garbage.

Yesterday I got rid of the one thing I had an huge emotional attachment to, my books.  I read, a lot, and the idea of getting rid of my books was terrifying and I declared blasphemy every time the thought crept into my mind.

However after some soul searching I realized its not the physical book thats important but the information inside.  I catalogued all of my books and checked all of the HAD TO HAVE ones on the Kindle store and of course, they were on there.

I replaced the few books that I “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT” on my tablet and packed all of my physical books into totes.

At 10am yesterday morning I dropped them ALL off at the library.

My "Have To Have" Books

My “Have To Have” Books

I only kept one book because it was a “had to have” yet wasn’t on Amazon.  Bashar: A Blueprint For Change if your wondering.

The milestone here is that I don’t own ANYTHING that I have an emotional attachment to anymore.


** UPDATE ** – Sort Of:
2014 October 18

Went to the local Library Book Sale to visit my books.  Most of them were there, laid out on the table like the black slaves who were forced to come from Africa to work on the cotton plantations in America.

Sold Into Slavery

Sold Into Slavery

The entire back row is almost all books from my collection.

Thanks for reading this pointless update.