For most of my adult life I worked in an office.  As a result I had an affinity for wearing suits.  I love wearing suits even though I live in a region where people don’t dress up often.
Also there is that perceived notion that because you are wearing a suit you are “important” which really means someone who has money.  I am not one to care about image but I do enjoy getting better service when I am transacting in whatever it is I happen to be transacting in.
However in 2006 I put on some weight, and that continues even today.  Point is I don’t fit into my suits any more and am reduced to wearing dress pants and a dress shirt with a black jacket.

6 Of My Best Suits…8 Years Ago Anyway

40+ Ties I Spent $20-$80 each on…sigh

Long story short I am donating my 12 suits that no longer fit to charity.  Including ties, belts, and suits they were probably $5000 retail.
This has been a big month for minimalism.  $3000 in books and $5000 in suits SERIOUSLY makes one think about consumerism and how much money we truly waste!

$5000 in Suits – Now Sits In The Back Alley Of The Thrift Shop

My promise to myself is that once I lose the weight I will purchase 4 NICE suits.
The minimalist lifestyle continues…
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