Often we are told if you want to really succeed in life you need to “THINK BIG.”  While the people dispensing this advice are usually rich and famous they are at the point in their lives where they can actually make thinking big work.

Lets take Donald Trump, one of the most successful real-estate / business moguls of our time.  I have personally read 3 of his books and he consistently tells the reader to not do anything small and to THINK BIG.

The problem with this advice is that Donald can make one phone call and get more work done in 5 mins than we can in an entire year because of the leverage and resources he possesses.

Therefore I think it is important to amend the “Think Big” advice to “Think Small, at first.”

Humans Are Hardwired to Fear Big Changes
If you wanted to start a successful online business the “Think Big” advice would probably work against you.  Most would visualize a grand website with thousands of people visiting and purchasing products everyday.  Once the grand image of their online empire is firmly in their mind they would become discouraged at this point because they have no idea how they are going to get there.

Think Small & Build Momentum
The key to success with this situation is to Think Small.  Focus on getting 1 sale a month.  That should not be too hard to accomplish, right? Anyone can get at least one sale a month if they put a little bit of work into it.  Once you have figured out how too get one sale a month you can easily increase and/or multiply your marketing efforts in a slow consistent manner.

Fast forward 6 months from know
You are making 1 sale a day and making a nice little income. Your still not at Online Empire stage but your well on your way.

Most people give up at the very beginning because they think the task is too daunting.  Its the smart ones that think small and focus on doing the little things in a great way that will be successful.