I just finished reading Simple Principles To Become A Millionaire by Alex Lluch.  I purchased this book about 3 years ago and only really sat down to read it last week.  This book contains 200 Simple Principles that one should adopt into their lives if they want to become a millionaire.

When I bought this book it was because I wanted a “pick up and read anytime” book.  Don’t get me wrong this is one of those books you can pick up and read for 10 mins but its so much more than that.

This book is written and organized in such a way it almost takes you on a journey of what its like to become a millionaire.

It starts off with Principles for “What It Means To Be A Millionaire” continues through to “Believing In Yourself” then “Taking Action” and finally “What To Do Once You Have ‘made it’.”

Here are some of my favorite principles from the book:

Never Compare Your Wealth To Others – pg 57

“While it is tempting to look to others to guage your performance, your best measuring stick is in fact, yourself.  The truth of the matter is that someone, somewhere will earn more or invest better than you.  If you fixate on beating others or being beaten, you’ll never give yourself a chance to celebrate when you have accomplished something truly incredible in your own right.”

Make Your Internal Voice The Loudest In The Room – pg 96

“When you embark on your path to wealth, you will inevitably come across naysayers.  People who are threatened by your blossoming positivity and successful mindset will tell you that you are impractical, or that your efforts are a waste of time.  The best way to combat this is to never argue and fall back on that positive state of being you’ve worked to create for your self.”

Follow Through With Your Plans – pg 142

“All the planning in the world will not get you an inch closer to your goals unless you actually follow through with them.  So, after you have crafted a plan for yourself, make a formal commitment to following it.”

This review cannot do this book justice.  It is a very easy and fun read.  The important thing is to actually incorporate this principles into your life!

/Ethan Caine