This is officially my new favourite modo.  I have been planning and reading and not doing anything productive for months and months and months.  No, years and years actually.  My goal is to create Income Producing Assets like a blog that produces money via advertisements. Basically anything one would consider “passive income” that doesn’t directly require my time.


Of course I do need to update and write on my blog however I would be doing this regardless if I was getting paid or not which is why I consider it “passive.”
I recently finished school I was attending for a fairly intense 2 month course.  All I did was study study study.  Now that I am finished and I have loads of spare time I have found my self filling the hours with video games, movies, social media.  Basically being non productive at its finest.
I came upon an article on titled Stop Reading Start Doing.  A perfect modo for myself and many others I suspect.  My internet marketing hero Frank Kern also emphasizes to “Sit down and go to f**king work.” (He is a vulgar man but I still maintain he is a genius)
Thats seriously the guy’s #1 advice to people looking to create an income online…or anything really.
At this point I got all pumped up and started planning out and doing goal setting when I realized that this was just a more productive form of procrastination.  I was indeed pretending to be productive to make myself feel better.  However at the end of the day scheduling and goal setting lists mean very little.
Simplicity is so elegant and the modo above is REALLY all you need to succeed in anything you do.